Original art inspired by a love of travel, of nature and summer. And the girl rode into town is a portfolio of art made by Melanie Watkins. Handmade and unique, all artworks are open for commission.

my pocket beach.jpg

Originally from rural Australia, Melanie is an adventurous spirit who loves travelling, has lived in multiple cities and creates her home wherever she goes. Melanie's art is inspired by land, history and nature - our greatest teachers. She chooses to find hope in each sunrise and peace in each sunset. Her study into the yoga teachings over the past 10 years has changed her outlook on our human experience. Her language is emotive and visual. Depicting freedom through colour and shape, her style evokes joy, serenity and memory through enchanted escape.


To travel and find community despite cultural barriers proves we can all speak one common language and that we share one home. I've spent a long time searching for where I belong, asking where do I come from and making sense of life where permanence and truth is lacking. What I've learnt is that we are all just guests and wanderers. We are here for just a moment before time changes again. I want to feel it all.
Going into town was such a special treat for me as a child, the marketplace being a place of inspiration, community, food, culture and ideas. As I've aged, I see the city is no different. A market on a grander scale where we come together from all corners of the earth and present our interpretation.
Melanie Watkins